Messages from your guardian angels or departed loved ones.  Ask about any thing you like or just listen. 

As a psychic medium, Donna is a able to channel messages and read energy.  She is highly accurate. 

Donna gives information exactly as it is presented to her. She is also a medical intuitive and energy healer.


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Donna is a gifted psychic medium, intuitive empath, angel card reader and channeler.  She has over 30 years experience.  She is very spiritual and seeks to provide clarity in her readings.  Her ability to connect with your "guardian" angels usually allows her to provide you with accurate information regarding the issues you face in your life.  She works well with relationships, love interests, career (life purpose), messages from the other side.  Donna's reading style is relaxed, spiritual and thorough.  She generally can work with or with out questions.  Donna picks up on the energies that swirl around you and is usually able to help you sort them out and provide you with definitive answers as you move forward in your life.  

      Talk With Your Guardian Angels. They Exist

Donna O'Halloran

Spiritual Insight and Psychic Services

"Awesome!  Thank u so much for this! I do so appreciate it very much! You are soo incredibly talented and gifted! Thank you so much for helping me!"  Shelia S., Kentucky

"Thank you for the reading you provided for me today. It was incredibly helpful and supportive.  I also loved hearing about how you were led to live here in Sedona. It was also such a great feeling of relief when I first saw you when you opened your office door.  I really was ready for "balanced" interaction."

Kathleen D., Sedona, Arizona

"It was a pleasure being channeled for, and I am very grateful for what came through as it acts as great confirmation for several things that have been bubbling to the surface for years, and hopefully will be a useful tool for moving into a new phase for me in this lifetime. I also want to thank you for taking the time to sit with both my brother and grandfather. Brian and I spoke on many of the things that were shared with him, and I trust that more and more guidance will come his way to help him go through the metamorphosis needed to allow him to fly. For years I've prayed, hoped, and shared what I've learned with those closest to me, especially family, hoping that my journey could act as an inspiration, but as is said in the Bible, a prophet is not received in his own house. I will surely look you up the next time (yes, next time, as I absolutely fell in love with Sedona) I am in your hood." Erik, M.  Pennsylvania 

"Donna's Energy and Chakra reading were spot on and very helpful for planning for the next steps of my career and life. She allowed me to feel very comfortable and safe. She had all the facts right!"  Marcy C. Sedona

"Thank you for the wonderful reading last Friday!  Thanks again for everything Donna!!"  Angie G.

"Everything we discussed was unbelievable! There is no way she could know the things she knew!"  Cindy O.

"Donna was great! One of the best.  She Truly connected. She's someone I would highly recommend!"  Jennifer A.

"I really enjoyed my time with Donna and would recommend her!"  Diane L.

"GIFTED...Relayed Detailed Answers & Messages from my Angels.  She is the real deal.  THANKS & GOD BLESS!"  Nicole K. Herndon, VA.

"Fantastic!  Great Reading!!!!"  Sheila S. Parker, CO.

"Several years ago I had a reading at the Center and was very pleased. This July I visited again and had a reading by Donna. I could not believe how on point she was with the first words out of her mouth. It was amazing. I highly recommend a visit when in Sedona".  Peggy M. Las Vegas, NV.

"Thanks for the great session, very enlightening and inspiring."  Don R. Houston, TX.

"It was so good to meet you and experience your incredible gifts.  I have been searching for someone and here you are, living right behind me!!!!!
Again, thank you so much for providing your services and I already have told several of my friends about you".  Ardean C., Sedona, AZ.

"‚ÄčI am so grateful to have found Donna.  And I do not hesitate to recommend her as a gifted reader.  She has been "right on" about so  many things.  She is incredibly empathic and can help you in any area of your life; business, finance, love and spiritual and health.  She is sensitive to your needs, and will tell you exactly what the angel guides want you to know in a warm and sometimes humorous way.  She is the real Deal."  Carolyn S. Houston, TX.

"Wow, I just got the best reading from Donna.  She drew cards from 4 different decks and they were all totally on point and resonated fully with what is going on in my life right now.  I was amazed how accurate and timely all the issues raised were.  It gave me confirmation on some things I had been feeling, and opened my eyes to some new things as well.  During the reading, she was communicating with the Spirit World and getting messages and direction.  Highly Recommended!"  Julie A., Sedona, AZ.

"AMAZING- She did not ask anything of and connected with me instantly.  No horoscope mumble jumble.  True insight!  She told me the good, the bad and the ugly but most importantly what she sees and hears.  No sugar coating.  She gave me true future insight.  Thank you to all Ms. Donna.  Blessings."  Libby