Today I continue to connect with others and meeting new people through teaching angelic communication, psychic ability and energy healing (self healing) and spreading the word in our local and surrounding libraries and book stores.  I am continuing to grow and I love my work and love living in Sedona with my wonderful husband. 

Most recently, I  was included in a metaphysical feature on Sedona in Gossomer magazine.  My work continues to be an amazing inspiration and an incredible journey.
                                      - Donna O'Halloran

I have been reading energy and communicating with spirit, angel guides, and departed loved ones since I was a little girl. 

Before working as a professional channel and healer, I worked for many years (10+) as a fully licensed (Series 7, Series 63, and Life and Health Insurance) investment and financial advisor with banks and brokerages. 

By the time I moved to Sedona in 2014, I had already began building a private Healing and Channeling practice since 2007 via word of mouth in Houston, TX., teaching classes and workshops and being invited to do events; Angel Charity events with art galleries, Ronald McDonald House, Sam Houston State University and many others. 

When I moved to Sedona I participated in a fund raising event for Lulu's Chocolates where I helped raise funds doing psychic readings during the event and I began meeting locals when I volunteered at the World Wisdom Days, Sedona Marathon, Sedona Film Festival and Hummingbird events.  Also through social media and having a small feature in natural awakenings magazine as Sedona's Premier Psychic.  

Donna's Abilities

Donna abilities are wide and varied.  As an open "channel" for divine energy, she is communicated to in a variety of ways.  She mostly "feels" and
"sees" hers and others guides, guardian angels, and departed loved ones.  She is an extremely highly sensitive and emotional intuitive empath.  She can also communicate with animals.  Her gifts and abilities include:  

Aura reading – The ability to perceive "energy fields" surrounding people, places and things.
Automatic writing – The ability to write without conscious thought.
Clairaudience – The ability to acquire information by paranormal auditory means.
Claircognizance – The ability to acquire psychic knowledge by means of intrinsic knowledge.
Clairgustance – The ability to taste or perceive the essence of a substance from the ethereal realms without contact.
Clairolfactance – The ability to access spiritual or mediumistic knowledge through smell.
Clairsentience – The ability to acquire psychic knowledge by feeling.
Clairvoyance – The ability to perceive person, object, location, and physical events through extrasensory perception.
Divination – The ability to gain insight into a situation.
Dowsing – The ability to locate water.
Energy medicine – The ability to heal with one's own empathic astral energy.
Exorcism – The ability to make rid of evil entities with Jesus and Angels.
Faith healing – The ability to diagnose or cure diseases with Jesus and Angels.
Lucid dreaming or dream manipulation – The ability to remain lucid during voluntary dreams and/or to control one's dreams.
Mediumship or channeling – The ability to communicate with spirits.
Precognition or premonition – The ability to perceive future events.
Prophesy – The ability to predict what will happen in the future.
Psychic surgery – The ability to remove disease or disorder within or over the body tissue via an "energetic" incision that heals immediately afterwards.
Psychokinesis or telekinesis – The ability to manipulate objects by way of extrasensory perception.
Psychometry or psychoscopy – The ability to obtain information about a person or object, usually by touch.
Pyrokinesis – The ability to manipulate fire.
Remote viewing, telesthesia or remote sensing – The ability to see a distant and unseen target using extrasensory perception.
Retrocognition or postcognition – The ability to perceive past events.
Second sight – The ability to see future and past events or to perceive information that is not present to the senses, in the form of a vision (precognition or remote viewing).
Scrying – The ability to look into a suitable medium with a view to detect significant information .
Telepathy – The ability to transfer thoughts mentally through extrasensory perception.

      Working with Spirit

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