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Angelic Communication Workshop​

  • Talk With Your Guardian Angels. They Exist!  This workshop includes a mini reading and is limited seating (6) in my private Sedona office.  Please register in advance sometimes we fill up fast.  This is a popular workshop where you will have the tools to hone in on this ability.  Donna uses angel cards that "speak" to you and will show you how you can tap into this divine energy yourself.  Fun and insightful.  Please RSVP. 

Channel and Healer

We Recommend:

Daily Angel Guidance 

Begin each morning by communicating with your angels.

Donna will help you by communicating with your guardian angels.  Each daily channeled angel message offers a comforting and uplifting message that sets a positive tone for the day.  You can also ask a question and receive a response that provides guidance, support, answers and encouragement.  Daily guidance from Donna and your angels will help keep you centered in peacefulness throughout the day and will help you remember that your angels are always beside you, ready to assist you with every area of your life. 

Psychic Services

Medium (Contacting departed loved ones)

Angel Readings (communicating with your Angel Guides)

Psychic Readings (past, current, future)

Medical Intuitive (can work with your physician)

Energy Healing (aura, chakras, reiki)

Past Life Readings ~ Akashic Records

Paranormal Investigations (clearings)

Psychic Investigations (missing persons, cold cases, etc.